Flexible warehousing options to suit your needs - whether it’s strategically located shared user sites across the UK, dedicated warehousing or a BRC food grade facility. Bibby offer a range of services to help your business cope with seasonal peaks to long term support with automated warehousing to support your manufacturing supply chain.

Manufacturing or Retail, storing cases of crisps to reels of paper our storage solutions are there to meet your business needs from design, to installation and management.


When you need a Distribution Centre exclusively for your use, we offer a total service. We’ll propose the ideal location - a new custom build, or we can source an existing site and where needed customise it to your exact requirements.

The strength of a dedicated distribution centre is total site control, predictable costs and reduced investment on fixed assets for a longer term.

Shared User

With a shared user solution, site infrastructure and other costs can be shared pro rata across customers, sharing efficiencies, achieving lower unit costs than could otherwise be obtained.
A shared user warehouse offers a ‘pay as you go’ approach allowing you the flexibility to cope with changes in demand, seasonality and reduces financial and operational risk in uncertain business conditions.

With 90 strategically located sites across the UK, Bibby are there to help.

Added-Value Services

  • Fulfilment and kitting services
  • Sequencing & line feeding
  • Contract packing & product customising
  • Quality inspection
  • Product re-work and re-labelling
  • Deferred production
  • Product sampling

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