When it comes to supporting customers in the construction sector - Bibby deliver. Support for projects, on-site delivery or delivery to trade centres and major multiples we develop, implement and manage sustainable solutions that deliver service and value.

In Construction and other areas Health and Safety is, and always will be, our number one priority. Our commitment to health and safety is non-negotiable and will not be compromised. It is fundamental to our core values and remains at the forefront of our business focus for further information click here.

Operating the UK’s largest fleet of High Cube vehicles and longer semi-trailers we move product more efficiently, maximising volume and reducing costs and carbon footprint and for added access and agility offer trailers with truck mounted fork-lifts.

Products provided by the companies in a construction project supply chain account for a significant proportion of costs. The way in which those products and services are procured and managed has a profound effect on the outcome of the project - not only in terms of profitability for all parties, but also the way in which the completed facility meets the client’s expectations of cost, quality and functionality.

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What our customers say

“…Bibby have a wealth of expertise to draw upon within their organisation. Armed with an impressive range of KPIs and measuring techniques, Bibby were able to pinpoint weaknesses that needed to be addressed. Over the course of the contract Bibby have excelled in many areas including driver management, resource planning, cost control and Health and Safety. Customer service has improved beyond all recognition. We are now in a place where we are flexible enough to meet our customers changing needs whilst getting the best value for money possible.”

Paul Greaves, Logistics Manager, Ultraframe UK Ltd

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