At Bibby we’ve over 30 years experience in supporting the automotive sector - whether it’s supporting tier one suppliers, ensuring that their products reach the production line or supporting dealer networks with an aftermarket service that delivers parts before 8:00am to a thousand sites nationwide and even offers a same day service that gets customers’ vehicles back on the road without delay.

Supporting manufacturers, Bibby offer a range of services that keep the production process running at maximum efficiency, whether its managing inbound logistics, providing line feed or just in time deliveries to customers, Bibby have the scale, people and expertise to provide a solution that delivers.

In a sector characterised by innovation and efficient production Bibby set the standard when it comes to supporting manufacturers, suppliers and dealers. Our ‘through the night’ service delivers high value parts to manned or unmanned delivery points - supported by an IT system that provides real-time visibility of order status.


  • Inbound logistics
  • International and Domestic
  • Sequencing & Line feed
  • Warehouse management


  • Pre - 8:00am delivery
  • Full track and trace
  • Same day service
  • Returns and Roll Cage management

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