Smartly Efficient Savings

Saica is a family-owned Spanish company and a world leader in the production of high-performance papers from recovered paper and corrugated packaging.

As a part of Bibby Line Group External link , which is also a family business (for over 200yrs), we were chosen by Saica to be their internal logistics partner at their new state-of-the-art paper mill in Partington, Manchester transporting 400,000 tonnes of paper reels, and processing 450,000 tonnes of waste packaging every year.

How we’ve helped Saica

Bibby Distribution have helped Saica achieve its goal of an environmentally sustainable closed loop manufacturing and distribution model. We do this by providing our fleet of high-cube vehicles which are able to carry 16% more material on every trip than standard HGVs, resulting in significantly less road miles for the transportation of the same volumes.

Furthermore our model is based on operating at maximum utilisation on both inbound and outbound journeys, so one vehicle is able to fulfil a complete cycle of activity, from delivering newly manufactured products to customers, to collection of that customer’s waste paper which is then transported to Saica’s recycling division.

This model not only dramatically reduces road miles and environmental impact and waste, but it also significantly reduces operational costs and drives better resource and production planning to maximise the logistical benefits.

By working closely with Saica we’ve been able to demonstrate that being more efficient is a smarter way to work and saves time and cost making it the right business approach for a sustainable future.


Some Key Facts on the Added Value Delivered by Bibby Distribution

  • We provide a full cycle, closed loop production and waste management service as Saica’s internal logistics partner.
  • Our extensive high-cube fleet of trucks provide 16% more capacity on every journey, and both outbound and inbound journeys are maximised to utilise capacity.
  • Bibby transport 400,000 tonnes of newly manufactured paper product to Saica’s customer every year.
  • We also process 450,000 tonnes of waste each year from Saica’s customers reducing the environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

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