Lucite: Leveraging Logistics

Lucite International is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of acrylic-based products, including the renowned Perspex brand, with manufacturing, sales and distribution capabilities worldwide.

Working with Lucite has enabled us to show how we are uniquely positioned to enter into partnerships which go way beyond a standardised warehousing and transportation service. As a part of Bibby Line Group External link , which is also a 200-year-old family business, we have been able to make investment decisions that have made a real difference to Lucite.

For over 26yrs we’ve been more than a supplier: we’ve been a partner in business development and growth for Lucite.

How we’ve helped Lucite

Lucite’s growth potential was directly affected by the transportation and international shipping costs of its products. Irregular and oversized products led to spiralling increases in freight costs, as well as higher capital and wastage costs due to the nature of the products and the manufacturing process.

Bibby Distribution’s response was to bring our experiences and resources to bear on turning these challenges into growth opportunities. We invested £2m in sheet cutting equipment and designed and built a purpose-built warehousing facility to provide a full cutting service for Lucite, and using software and technology we reduced wasteful off-cuts to an absolute minimum. Additionally we worked with Lucite to create a secondary market for remaining off-cuts, resulting in a total waste reduction and revenue creation of c.£2.5m per annum, and a direct to market offering for the Perspex brand.

Furthermore by providing a dedicated transport planning system to manage all distribution and exports worldwide, we helped reduce Lucite’s fixed costs, and with further efficiencies achieved savings of c.£500k per annum.

And to help ensure that both Lucite’s and our commitment to a sustainable future, we have also introduced ultra-efficient EEV-rated vehicles and transformed our warehouse facility into a zero-landfill site.


Some Key Facts on the Added Value Delivered by Bibby Distribution

  • We provide the full final stage of the manufacturing process, from cutting to packaging to transportation - worldwide.
  • Direct investment into designing and building Europe’s largest purpose-built cutting and warehouse facility at Walker Park, including a £2m investment in state-of-the-art cutting equipment and software.
  • Creation of new secondary markets turning waste into revenue, and increasing margins through direct selling of Perspex.
  • Dedicated ultra-efficient EEV-rated distribution fleet, reducing transportation costs and reducing environmental impact.
  • Fixed cost and further efficiency savings of c.£500k per annum.
  • Bibby continually hit our KPI targets over 99% of the time.

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