Enabling e-commerce - turning 0’s into 1’s.

FKA is a major supplier of a huge portfolio of consumer products, ranging from home massagers and slimming goods to scales, audio products and electronics.

The firm primarily deals directly with major high street retailers such as Argos and has worked with 3PL firm Bibby Distribution since 2007, with Bibby providing warehousing and transport services.

Our primary service to FKA involves us providing warehousing and distribution. Our flexibility enables us to manage all of FKA distribution but utilise Bibby vehicles for some customers, and customer’s own solutions for others, such as Argos who have their own backhaul carrier network.

How we’ve helped FKA

Since 2011 FKA have developed their own e-commerce solution selling directly to customers with Bibby providing the fulfilment of orders placed through the Internet.
Working alongside eBay, with their eSellerPro package for managing online orders, Bibby developed the physical fulfilment solution for delivering goods to customers.

Alongside this we transformed our warehousing solution for FKA to optimise it for an e-commerce supply chain, enabling high speed pick and pack operations.

Although the e-commerce solution is only a relatively small part of FKA’s overall business, the solution we have put in place provides a highly effective way for FKA to clear end-of-line stock, turning a potential loss into a new revenue stream.

The success of the new e-commerce fulfilment solution is reflected in the wider service we provide for FKA and our other customers, whereby our extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in providing bespoke, reliable, and often unique solutions has enabled us to approach new challenges with new ideas.


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