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Paper and Packaging

Paper & Packaging

From manufacturing to finished goods, recycling waste products and returning them to the manufacturing plant, Bibby Distribution is with you at every step of the cycle.

By moving 367million square feet of cardboard and packaging products every year for a range of customers, we have developed a real understanding of our customers’ unique requirements. This understanding, paired with the UK largest fleet of High Cube vehicles, means that we are strategically placed to provide you with a closed-loop service that meets your exacting needs and adds real value to your business.

BDL Paper Supply Chain

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What our customers say

“The extension of the contract sees a further strengthening and a deeper integration of Bibby into our logistics and supply chain. The partnership promotes a closer working relationship that is necessary to drive efficiencies and good customer service whilst generating opportunities to improve both company’s carbon foot print and their impact on the environment.”

Steve Williamson, Operations Director, DS Smith Packaging

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