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With Bibby Distribution as your logistics partner, your business can focus on delivering the products and projects your customers need and Bibby will provide the reliable efficient support for your operations.

Industrial Manufacturing

At Bibby we listen to our customers and we’ve learned what it takes to support manufacturing businesses from managing inbound material flows, supporting the production process and onward delivery to customers.

Bibby have the scale, people and expertise to provide a solution that delivers - developing flexible, sustainable solutions that can adapt to the fluctuations in your business, with a combination of dedicated and shared user resources at your disposal

Bibby provide a range of services ranging from inbound freight, to warehousing, sub-assembly and order fulfilment to domestic and international distribution.

Whether you need to move standard palletised freight or move bulky, ‘ugly’ or fragile freight, we have the means and the motivation to make it happen - and we don’t stop with an initial solution, we’re committed to working with our customers to deliver continuous improvement, driving costs down and service up.


Whether it’s supporting major infrastructure projects, supplying spare parts or ensuring that the Armed Forces receive the materials they need - Bibby Distribution has the skill, knowledge and experience to develop the best solution.

Moving anything from an Aircraft to a parcel our people have the expertise to deliver, with a deep understanding of our customer needs - managing warehousing, regular freight movements or time critical deliveries that ensure the smooth running of key projects.

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What our customers say

“Our partnership goes beyond the traditional service to include responsibility for the final stage in our manufacturing process.
Bibby Distribution are a key customer facing aspect of our business with critical importance to both final product quality and delivery to our customers.”

Scott McAlpine, Engineering Manager, Lucite International

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