First Milk

Collection without contamination

First Milk is the UK’s only dairy farmer-owned organisation with business operations encompassing milk supply, cheese production and ingredients development.

As the largest supplier of raw milk in the UK, First Milk supply major manufacturers, such as Nestlé, and large retailers including Asda, Morrisons and the Cooperative.

In a business sector that is fiercely competitive, Bibby provide an efficient, sustainable service, using innovation and technology to reduce logistics costs, whilst maintaining an uncompromising commitment when it comes to food security.

How we’ve helped First Milk

With a relationship stretching back over 20 years Bibby Distribution know what it takes to deliver a reliable, secure service to First Milk, their farmers and customers.

Collecting from over a thousand farms, every day of the year, and in all weather conditions, our experienced team of drivers provide a vital and critical link in the supply chain.
Our drivers collect and take a sample from each and every milk consignment to ensure the product is free from contamination and safe.
By developing close relationships with the farmers we work as a partner to First Milk, working together to deliver the best service to its customers.


Call us on +44 (0)151 794 1074, or email us at

Some Key Facts on the Added Value Delivered by Bibby Distribution

  • 1 in every 12 pints of milk in the UK is produced by First Milk (farmers) and collected & distributed by Bibby Distribution.
  • Bibby Distribution collects milk from over 1,000 farms every day of the year, from some of the most rural and remote locations.
  • Our drivers collect, sample and deliver milk to a range of locations and companies for multiple uses.
  • Our contamination rate for transporting milk is 0%, and our reliability rate for successful deliveries is 100%.
  • Since 1990 Bibby Distribution has collected and distributed over 1,000,000,000 pints of milk for First Milk.
What our customers say

“First Milk and Bibby Distribution have a working relationship stretching back a number of years. Over this time, our relationship has evolved to one of partnership - tackling challenges together and continually striving to deliver a world-class service to our farmers and customers.”

James Baird, General Manager, First Milk

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